Teaching Abstracts

Papers on teaching related work are listed on my CV, with several highlights below.

Please contact me directly if you would like a copy of any of these publications.

  1. Suzanne Kresta and Inci Ayranci, Bi-modal no more: Shifting the curve in material and energy balances courses, AC 2011-1283, ASEE Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, June 2011.
  2. Suzanne Kresta, Uttandaraman Sundararaj and John Nychka, Building an Engaged, Collaborative, and Inspired Teaching Culture, AC 2011-1269, ASEE Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, June 2011.
  3. Suzanne Kresta, John Nychka and Roger Graves, Writing Well2: Building Traction and Triumph into Co-Authorship, AC 2011-1164, ASEE Conference, Vancouver, June 2011.
  4. Nelson, A. E. and Kresta, S. M., Team Teaching of Thermodynamics: Rapid Instructional Development in Young Academics, proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, June 2004.
  5. Suzanne Kresta, 1998, Hands-on Demonstrations: An Alternative to Full Scale Lab Experiments, Journal of Engineering Education, 87, 7-9.
  6. Suzanne M. Kresta, Andree Koenig and Murray R. Gray, 1997, Choosing an Optimum Feedstock for Yeast Production: A Design Oriented Senior Laboratory Experiment, Chemical Engineering Education, 31, 1, 22-25.


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