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A Pound of Flesh – A Post of Gratitude

October 10, 2015

The first Shakespearean play I studied in school was the Merchant of Venice, and I always found the about “a pound of flesh” particularly unsettling. This is a post of gratitude for a missing pound of flesh – but also a post that may be unsettling for some. The reader is warned! When I was…

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Gratitude, Abundance, and Blessings

October 12, 2014

An early Thanksgiving morning and much to be thankful for on this 50th birthday weekend. Our friends, Atsushi and Etsuko, and their two offspring, Hajime and Yuki, visited last night for two hours on their way to PEI to see Mom. That includes the time in the train station and on the way to the…

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Raking away the dead leaves…

April 28, 2014

I was out in my garden today raking away the dead leaves. This job always makes me smile because it is such a victory to see the new flowers peeking out of the ground – overcoming the blanket of winter to welcome the sun. It reminds me of teaching design – students overcoming the flood…

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Spring came suddenly…

April 26, 2014

This was Easter weekend in Edmonton…full on snow…one week ago. Last night I found flowers in my garden. 🙂