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Giant’s Causeway

May 12, 2014

So…when you go to Ireland…make sure you get to the Giant’s Causeway on a sunny day. Words fail me, and one photo doesn’t begin to tell the story.

If you do a google search on Giant’s Causeway (images), you will find lots of iconic images of the natural pavement reaching out to the sea. They seem surreal, but the real thing is just like the photos. We spent hours wandering around, taking it in.

The National Trust Park Ranger said to tell you that the photo is a piece of history. He has never before taken this shot with no people on the hill in the back-ground. 😉

We have a family travel theory that if you are close to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should just go. It is always good.

Go. It is good.

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  1. Ken Caunce says:

    Thank you for sharing your wondrous journey. / k

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